Number 6/Jim Caviezel Appreciation Post - My Gifs.

From The Prisoner Ep.2 “Harmony”

-I had no internet today so I got a rerun of The Prisoner. This moment… Well I had to gif it.


Sarah Shahi is the human equiv of Rainbow Dash, there is no doubt in my mind (oh hush), and look at her cheekbones! I think she would look fabulous with a shaved head and robot arm, but I’m still glad that the showrunners seem resistant to the idea for Shaw. She really seemed to enjoy her costars, suggesting that Jim hug the girl (and awwwwing loudly when he did so), and beaming at Amy for much of the panel.

She wrote a two page bio for Shaw (that the writers are so far ignoring) and thinks Shaw could possibly go work for Samaritan under certain circumstances! 

Hands of the “hostage negotiator” busily texting Carter to come pick up the “trash”…..from the opening of Liberty.

Hands of the “hostage negotiator” busily texting Carter to come pick up the “trash”…..from the opening of Liberty.


#JimCaviezel talking to fans outside Comic-Con… #SDCC2014

Another of #JimCaviezel outside Comic-Con… #SDCC2014

Credit to Jordan on twitter [x]

Such a beautiful face and spirit…..


My pics of Jim Caviezel finding this 11 y.o. girl’s question completely adorable. She comes up to shake his hand, and Sarah Shahi can be heard encouraging/suggesting he give her a hug, which he then takes to heart and climbs over the table to hug her and pose for pictures. She looks a little overwhelmed!

What a great moment!  Jim was a daddy hugging a child and you can see how touched she was.  Great pictures!  Thank you.



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Do you see how FAR DOWN he jumped?  He could have been seriously hurt!  



Jim’s shirt must’ve been gifted to him by the US Navy Seal Team One (patch on his left sleeve) who he trains with.  The patch on the left front  on Jim’s reads Brotherhood (Fraternitas) in Latin, it usually says “Gonna Face Justice”. This patch symbolizes the pride of the DEVGRU by killing Bin Ladden 

The N stands for Neptune, the Cross stands for Knight, the Spear stands for the Seals abilities on Land, Sea and Air. 

I doubt they give this to anyone. Love ya James Patrick.

Moderator: Michael, are you going to jump over the table now too?

Goofball Jimmy will help


Jim - Comic Con 2014 - Tv Equals interview - Gif set

!Tongue Porn Warning!